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Most people love fresh truffle dishes—but few have the confidence to cook with them. So, we’ve developed a range of products that help you turn your everyday meals into something truly special. A wide range of products covers sauce, oil, butter, honey, salsa, foie gras, juice stock, salt, and more. We also offer gift boxes —the perfect treat for truffle lovers.

retail range

Get ready for truffle inspiration!

With our retail range we’ve done the hard part. All you need to do is add the ingredients to bring your dish to life. This is all about making that intense truffle flavour available to everyone, without the price tag you think of for fresh truffles. Contrary to conventional wisdom truffles are easy to use in all cooking. All you need to know is that fresh truffles should not be over-cooked, otherwise they lose their fragrance and flavour qualities.


A bit of truffle delight.

Bring your favourite recipe to another level with our oil and sauces. Freshen up your scrambled eggs or infuse your prawns with our truffle butter and salt. Make your sandwiches and wraps something special with truffle mustard and truffle aioli. Or make your next sweet treat a bit more exciting, drizzle our indulgent truffle honey over a cheese plate such as brie, camembert or gorgonzola and create a gastronomic delight.


Pumpkin Gnocchi Fresh Truffle

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