Black Truffle Sauce 180g


Finest quality Australian black truffles are combined with freshly roasted portobello mushrooms and herbs, producing an intensely rich and extremely versatile truffle sauce. A luxurious addition to savoury dishes and baking, try using it in any of the following ways:

Great for:

  • MIX with pure cream and stir into your favourite spaghetti, with roasted meats, vegetables or in a quiche or omelette.
  • TOP onto grilled scallops or serve with gnocchi and asparagus for an everyday gourmet meal.
  • SPREAD on crackers or combine with goats cheese to create a delicious bruschetta for a unique aperitif with friends.
Black Truffle Mustard 115g


Whole Black Winter Truffle 20g


Sliced Black Winter Truffle 25g


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