Sliced Truffle 25g


Black Winter Truffles are preserved in brine to capture their aromatic and earthy notes. These perfectly thin slices should be used when finishing a dish for a beautiful truffle aesthetics. We recommend a little heat to bring out the flavour.

Great for:

  • PLACE under the chicken skin when roasting chicken or present on top of fish.
  • PLACE them into a velouté or butter-based sauce.
  • PLACE truffle slices on top of pasta, risotto, omelettes or mashed potatoes.
  • Let them steep in olive oil and use for any preparation.
Black Truffle Sauce 180g
Truffle Sauce 180g


Black Truffle Salsa 180g 2
Truffle Salsa 180g


Truffle Oil
Truffle Oil 250ml


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