Truffle Aioli 180g


A classic Provençal style Aioli Mayonnaise is made irresistible with the earthy Black Truffle flavour. The luxurious creaminess of our Black Truffle Aioli elevates your dish from merely delicious to unique. One thing is for sure; when you taste our aioli, you won’t look back. This is a true aioli dressed to impress and is a chef’s secret. Great Southern Truffles products only use the very best ingredients to complement and enhance a wide range of dishes.

Black Truffle Aioli – Great for:

  • ADD it to your French fries.
  • ENHANCE a fresh garden salad or steamed vegetables.
  • Use as a perfect ACCOMPANIMENT with fish, seafood, chicken or pork.
Black Foie Gras 130g
Truffle Foie Gras 130g


Black Truffle Butter 165g
Truffle Butter 165g


Black Truffle Sauce 180g
Truffle Sauce 180g


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