Whole Truffle 20g


Our fresh Black Winter Truffles are jarred as soon as they have been hunted and graded, to preserve and capture the aromatic earthy notes.

We recommend a little heat to bring out the flavour.

Great for:

  • SLICE or DICE a garnish to enhance your favourite dish.
  • CHOP or SLICE them into a veloute or butter-based sauce.
  • MINCE or PUREE and add to pasta, risotto, omelettes or mashed potatoes.
  • Let them steep in olive oil and use for any preparation.
Black Truffle Oil 500ml
Truffle Oil 500ml


Black Truffle Butter 165g
Truffle Butter 165g


Sliced Black Winter Truffle 25g
Sliced Truffle 25g


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